10 Things you must see in Cairo No trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to the Giza Pyramids, eventually at dusk, when the Great Sphinx comes alive as a storyteller at the Cairo Pyramids Sound and Light Show. The City of the Dead is as mysterious and intriguing as its name, […]

Ramadan and the Three R’s – Restraint, Reflection and Renewal Ramadan is the holy month for all Muslims and will be observed by millions of Muslims around the world. Starting at the observation of the 9th new moon in the Islamic Calender, the month is also called Ramadan.  This year Ramadan is expected to start […]

Dahab Guide By Area A guide to Dahab by area and information by each area of the town.  Dahab is a perfect place for a relaxing holiday and has some interesting places to explore and the good thing is Dahab is small enough that you can travel by foot, or by bicycle. Assalah Assalah is the […]

Dahab Activities Dahab is packed with activities and things to do including a wide variety of water sports, treks, even yoga and dance. This is a guide to the main activities in Dahab. Dahab has much more wind than other parts of Sinai, making it very popular for wind surfers and kite surfers. Free diving […]

Dahab Dahab is one of the most alternative of Egypt’s tourist resort towns. It was originally a Bedouin fishing village, which was established around a natural oasis close to the shore line. This area is now the modern day Dahab bay.  Dahab means gold in Arabic and although no one knows exactly why it was […]

St Catherine’s Village and Mount Sinai St Catherine’s is one of the oldest settlements in South Sinai due to the Monastery and Mount Sinai. People have been coming to visit this region for a long time and wishing to follow the footsteps of Moses up Mount Sinai. The village or town of St Catherine’s is […]

Taba Taba is mostly known as the border point between Egypt and Israel. Its popularity as a resort town destination is not as high as the rest of South Sinai. However it is home to some stunning resort hotels, beautiful beaches and a historic castle. The Taba Heights area first opened in 2005 and it […]

Nuweiba and Tarabin Nuweiba is located on the red sea coast of East Sinai, between Taba and Dahab. The overall size of Nuweiba is very large as it is spread over a wide area from Ras Shatan in Tarabin, down South to the Mozina section of Nuweiba. There is a town centre located between the […]

Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is the number one tourist destination in South Sinai. Receiving millions of visitors per year, it has established itself as the tourist city of South Sinai over the last 20 years. The main things that draw people to Sharm El Sheikh are the amazing coral reefs and wrecks in […]

Sinai History Sinai history is rich, and was known by the ancient Egyptians as the land of turquoise. For thousands of years turquoise was mined from the Serabit el Khadim region, which later also become a temple dedicated to Hathor known as the goddess of Turquoise. The temple is one of the few remaining ancient […]


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